Thursday, April 8

Well...back in the saddle again by special request of a close friend, Val. Here's the boys' memory boxes!

Sunday, September 27

Madison's Memory Box

It has been some time since I made a memory box and I forgot how much fun it was to create them! Here is the latest and greatest. Lindsey did a fantastic job of choosing the design for this box!!! I love it...

Sunday, September 20

Karic Lee Collage

Here is another collage that I made with Karic's name and added his middle name in text. This is so much fun!
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Karic's Collage

So here is one of Karic's collages that I made using a natural background.
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Natural Letters

So I have been off work for a few days while healing from getting my tonsils removed and had to find a project to do! I have seen before where photographers take pictures of letters occuring naturally around us and using them to spell out words. I decided to do this with my son's name and my niece's name, Scout. Pictured above is Scout's that I made. I will post Karic's as well. If ya like what you see I can do yours too.
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Monday, June 15

Blair and Emily's Memory Boxes

Here are two more Memory Boxes made for special 'lil girls! Sorry for the pictures not being so great, bad time of day for the lighting in my house apparently.

Friday, June 5

Introducing Beverly's Basics

I have been wanting to create an all natural baby essentials line for some time. I finally found the time to do some experimenting a few weeks ago and then launched the Beverly's Basics line which so far has been a hit! I named the line after my mother-in-law because she always has the natural remedies and secrets that work! I wanted to start slow so created first the Baby Milk Bath, Baby Powder and Baby Oil. Aaron got into this too and since then have created a sugar scrub and massage oil for adults! These will launch soon but are available upon request.

Many conventional baby products contain questionable ingredients and can be harsh on baby's sensitive skin. By using natural products and essential oils these products are gentle, nondrying and work great! I have sold more Baby Oil and Baby Bath Milk to adults than for babies thus far. Big name baby oils usually leave your skin really oily but this Oil actually absorbs into your skin and moisturizes for hours. The Baby Bath Milk is formulated to be moisturizing as well. My 21 month old has naturally dry skin so these products where a blessing for us and would also work great for babies with eczema.

Here is the ingredient listing:

B.B. Baby Oil: Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil
B.B. Baby Powder: Corn starch, Arrowroot Powder, Ground dried chamomile, Ground dried lavender, Oats
B.B. Baby Bath Milk: Powdered milk, Corn Starch, Oats, Lavender Essential Oil

Please contact me to order these products at !